Before the Books…

harry00I get asked this question a lot… “What got you started writing fiction… becoming a full-time author?”

For the most part, I was an indie filmmaker. Although I produced and directed other films, the most notable film anyone may of heard of was, Openings – The Search for Harry. Made back in 2010/20011, and was written by Pamela Cuming (and partially by myself) it was a fairly robust production by Indie standards with a big cast and large support crew. I directed the film and my wife (Kim) produced it. I’ve always been interested in where ‘inspiration’ comes from… in synchronicity.

I’m not a particularly religious person, and this film’s not a religious film — but does ask questions and provides the insights of some of today’s most prominent inspirational personalities. But it’s the underlying story, Harry’s story, (played by Jordan Leigh) that made me want to be involved with this film. The conflict that Harry traverses before figuring out what it is that makes for a life worth living… That’s what intrigued me.

Within weeks of finishing the production, the film was picked up by GaiamTV – who we discovered is one of the largest digital video providers on the planet. Openings has remained one of the GaiamTV’s top ten best-selling feature films for three years straight. The films also done very well on iTunes and Amazon.  I’m proud of that fact, but more proud that people (even now) still want to see the film and contact me with their own stories of Openings

By the way, those that have immersed themselves into the Scrapyard Ship series may find a bit of Harry Reed (Openings) in the Captain Jason Reynolds character — just a bit.

The movie is available to watch/download on, iTunes and of course GaiamTV itself, and the DVD available on the Openings – movie website. If you watch it, I’d like to here back from you – you’re thoughts on Openings and if you liked the film.

I have numerous film scripts going that are at different stages of completion — several that are near and dear to my heart. Some day I’m hoping to produce those films. As for a Scrapyard Ship film, (or series of films) a bigger studio would have to pick that up. Although biased, I think it would make for a kick-ass movie!

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Space Vengeance Audiobook Now Available!

audiobookSV_thumbpsdIf you’ve been keeping up with my posts on this site, you’re already (probably) aware of how much I LOVE the audiobook versions of the Scrapyard Ship series.  L. J. Ganser does a remarkable job as the voice for the series and with the just released audiobook version of Space Vengeance (book #3) – out today, he has REALLY outdone himself.

Experiencing these books through the audiobook version and listening to all the voices, the performances, is like being right there on The Lilly — fighting the Craing!


The audio new book is available on now and will be available on iTunes and within a day or two… if not already.  Enjoy!!!


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First Three Scrapyard Ship Books Available in Print!


Some of you have not adjusted to the ebook craze yet or you just prefer a good old fashioned (real) book — one you can touch, hold in your hands!

Well, if you’re one of those people, as of now, you can order any or all of the first three Scrapyard Ship books in paperback: Scrapyard Ship, HAB 12, and Space Vengeance.

These printed books are available at (now) and will be available on within the next few days.

Here are the CreateSpace links below:

Scrapyard Ship (book 1)

HAB 12  (book 2) 

Space Vengeance  (book 3) 

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What’s Coming?

With book three, Space Vengeance, becoming another best seller on amazon the Scrapyard Ship series will continue. As long as the reviews stay positive and I keep getting emails from the book’s fans, I’m happy to keep it going. About half-written, the next book in the series is called Realms of Time. So far, it’s been a total blast to write. I’m hoping it’s just as much fun to read.

Next on the docket is to finish up Tapped In – taking the short novella and making it a full-length novel. If popular, that too will become an ongoing series.

A third YA series is in the works — more on that later. Back to writing – thanks for the interest.

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Space Vengeance

Available today (sometime)!

“The crazy ride continues… and never lets up!”

space_vengeance_cover_2_revsdCaptain Jason Reynolds is back! In the third installment of the Scrapyard Ship sci-fi adventure series, Space Vengeance, Jason, his family, and The Lilly’s crew face the impending destruction of their internal nano-devices. What’s worse, what remains of the Craing fleet, some 1500 warships, is back and headed straight toward the already decimated planets within Allied space. In what looks to be a one-way suicide mission, Jason must leave Nan and Mollie behind on Earth and out of harm’s way.

While war rages on sixty light years from Earth, maniacal space raider Captain Stalls and hundreds of his pirated warships close in on Earth. Stalls knows exactly what he wants: to find and kill Captain Reynolds and take the beautiful Nan Reynolds for his own.

Note from the author:

If you’ve made it to this third installment, you already realize this is an ongoing series. With that said, more often than not these books have cliff-hanger endings!


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HAB 12 Audio Book Available Now!


My friend and amazing narrator L. J. Ganser has done it again. If you haven’t been listening to audible versions of these books (Scrapyard Ship and now HAB 12) you are totally missing out. The characters and action really come alive with his professional capabilities. It’s a lot of fun – and what more can you ask for when looking for your fix of good old fashioned Sci-fi?  The audio book is available now at and any time now on iTunes and Amazon as well!

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The New Audiobook version of Scrapyard Ship is now available!!!


I was fortunate to be involved with selecting the narrator’s voice for this project and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. L. J. Ganser did an amazing job. (Thank you L. J.!)

The funny thing is, I imagined Captain Reynolds voice just as how L. J. performs this production. And that’s the perfect word for it – performs.  The last time I really heard and enjoyed a performance like this was with Jim Dale and the Harry Potter series audiobook. This book really comes alive as an audiobook —  Yes, even more fun than reading the book on its own. HAB 12 is in production now so that will be available soon as well.

The audiobook is available on as well as and  iTunes!

On iTunes you don’t have to joint – Search –> Scrapyard Ship Audiobook

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Tapped In – A New Novella Series – Now Available!

tapped in _this_one_rved_smller

Just released, Tapped In — this novella paranormal thriller series is now available on amazon!

Rob Chandler awakens after a horrendous car accident and realizes he has no memory of who the hell he is. Paralyzed, helpless and in pain, he can do nothing but watch as an eighteen-wheeler semi barrels down on him. The truck swerves and also crashes and yet Rob is spared one more time. But he won’t be able to rejoice at his good fortune long, because a 30,000 volt high-power line has dropped into his mangled car, hanging just inches from his head.

Something at a molecular level in Chandler has changed. Now, if he can survive long enough, he may be able to utilize amazing, if not unbelievable, new cognitive abilities.

Join Rob Chandler at the beginning of this high-tension paranormal thriller series where enemies new and old converge in a small desert town in Arizona with one singular objective in mind … to kill Rob Chandler.

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Scrapyard Ship and HAB 12 Now Available on B&N


Just a heads up that both Scrapyard Ship and HAB 12 ebooks are now available on Barns & Noble for use on the Nook.

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“Who” Would Play “Who” in a Scrapyard Ship Movie?



The subject of a new Scrapyard Ship movie has come up numerous times over the last few months–probably not by any big movie production houses or famous producers… (unfortunately).

But those of us that have been involved with the book talk about it all the time! It’s funny, now readers of the series have started to chime in as well. Personally, I think Scrapyard Ship would make a terrific film!

So let’s imagine for a minute that Scrapyard Ship gets green-lighted for a big-budget feature film production. If YOU were the casting agent and you needed to submit your list of actors for the primary parts, who would you cast for the various characters? Respond back to this post with your best ‘actor’ suggestions. Personally, I see someone like Christian Bale as Capt. Jason Reynolds, and maybe Scarlett Johansson as Nan… Although Nan is a brunet. Not sure about the violet-skinned Dira or Cuban macho cigar-smoking Navy SEAL Billy Hernandez? And how about eight-year old Mollie?Here’s a list of the most prominent personalities in the book(s) — who do you think should play these characters?

Captain Jason Reynolds
Mollie Reynolds
Nan Reynolds
Admiral Perry Reynolds
Chief Horris
Gunny Orion
Lieutenant Billy Hernandez
Admiral Malinda Crawford
Brian Reynolds

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