HAB 12 Now Available on Amazon!


If you were among the thousands that recently read Scrapyard Ship and could not wait to find out what happens to the crew of The Lilly, well your wait is over!  HAB 12 is now available on Amazon.com.  Enjoy!!!

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Let’s Talk About HAB 12 and Other Things!


HAB 12

Hi!  Here’s a quick update on Scrapyard Ship and other books in the works.

I get a minimum of four to five emails each day requesting information on HAB 12, which is the title of the next book in the Scrapyard Ship series.

The typical questions include:

Is there really a HAB 12 book in the works?

Did you see my review?

Who did the cover design for Scrapyard Ship?

Does HAB 12 take off from where Scrapyard Ship left off?

When will it be released?

Will it have the same unconscionable cliff-hanger type ending?

Why don’t you get off your ass and finish it?

I’ll attempt to answer some, if not all, of these questions.

Scrapyard Ship:
First of all, when I wrote Scrapyard Ship I really had no idea what to expect. I thought the book would be a fun read and could, possibly, have a limited following. Now, just shy of two months since its release, the book has done phenomenally well–typically selling hundreds of copies a day on Amazon. Also note it’s gone through a re-editing process. It’s far from a perfect book, but I’m fairly happy with it. For those interested in the cover design, I do the covers myself. After thirteen years working in my own creative marketing agency, Photoshop is second nature to me–and it’s fun!

Amazon reviews are the life-blood of any ebook author. I’m over-the-top appreciative of those who have taken the time to give my book(s) a review. There are several hundred reviews on Amazon for Scrapyard Ship and, for the most part, they are very favorable. I read them all at first. Now I’m a bit more selective of what I read. There are some really negative, downright angry people out there! So now my wife, periodically, reads them to me–especially the nicer, more constructive ones. I don’t typically comment on the reviews, but I’m available through this site or email.

HAB 12:
HAB 12 refers to Habitat 12. For those who read Scrapyard Ship, you’ll be familiar with the Zoo and the Habitats there. You’ll get more information as time goes by. But yes, there really is a HAB 12 book in the works. What I can say is the story continues from the exact second where Scrapyard Ship left off… As for a release date — those on my mailing list will be the very first to know.

How many books will be in the Scrapyard Ship series?  It depends. As long as there are fans / readers and I can keep the stories fresh and alive, I’ll continue to write them. Typically, one will be released every three to four months. There’s a second series in the works, too – more on a paranormal slant, called “Tapped In.” I’m hoping the first “Tapped In” book will be released sometime mid-January 2014.


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I Don’t Know What to Say — Except Thank You!


The last thing I want to do is jinx things. Scrapyard Ship has literally skyrocketed into the Amazon rankings stratosphere. Thousands of people continue to download this book – hopefully getting a few hours to escape reality and just have some fun.

Funny, after months of writing Scrapyard and now HAB 12, the characters in the book, Jason , Billy, Ricket, Mollie, Nan, Dira…(and the others) are in some ways more real to me than anyone else.

Also, thank you for the many emails. I’m getting a better idea of which characters are your favorites (it’s probably not who you would think). Let me know your favorites and thoughts.


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Free For A Day

 Scrapyard Ship – Free for One Day Only – October 3rd, 2013


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Scrapyard Ship Trailer



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Scrapyard Ship is now available on Amazon.com!


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New Book, Scrapyard Ship – Cover Design / Cover Blurb

cover artWe’re still on track for a mid-October release of my new book, Scrapyard Ship. Take a look at the new cover art and back cover blurb… What do you think?

Scrapyard Ship (Science Fiction)

“What a Ride!”

Lieutenant Commander Jason Reynolds has had a string of bad luck lately—evident by the uncomfortable house arrest bracelet strapped to his right ankle. Worse yet, he’s relegated to his grandfather’s old house and rambling scrapyard. But It’s through a bizarre turn of events that Jason is led to a subterranean aquifer hundreds of feet below ground. Here he discovers an advanced alien spacecraft, one that will propel his life in a new direction.

The adventure begins… and with it new troubles for Jason: The Craing, a new interstellar alien threat is headed to Earth. Could Jason’s unorthodox and impetuous nature make him the best choice for the captain’s chair? To complicate things, the women in his life are all vying for his limited attention. As a desperate situation goes from bad to worse, it’s clear Jason will need some help. Time to reconnect with his SEAL team compatriots and get busy. At stake? The very existence of the human race.

This is a full-length 70,000-word novel, first in the science fiction adventure series for Scrapyard Ship.

Contact me directly at: markwaynemcginnis (@) gmail.com

You can follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarkWMcGinnis


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Scrapyard Ship – Scheduled for Mid-September – Want to Review It?

pre-rel_coverReally! Truly! Honestly!!! Thank you for your interest in the Scrapyard Ship series books.

First of all, I could use your help as a pre-release reviewer!  More on that below…

As of right now, it looks like mid- to late September (2013) will be the release date for the first of the multi-part series. The book is written, cover art is done (to be revealed soon), three rounds of intense editing is finished, with just the final round of developmental  editing being completed. I have to tell you… writing this book, while still managing my ‘day-job’ marketing business, has been kinda crazy. With that said, it’s also been super rewarding.

Personally, I love Science Fiction—well, at least I love good Science Fiction. Time will tell if my readers put the Scrapyard Ship book series into that category (or not). Details of the book itself are coming soon. Can’t release too much too soon, you know. But what I can say (at least for me) the main characters in the book have become almost real—like family or super-close friends: Jason, the impetuous Navy commander turned ship captain (our protagonist), his curmudgeonly father Admiral Reynolds, Jason’s Cuban friend and fellow SEAL Billy, then you have Dira, the beautiful med-tech with violet skin… and of course, The Lilly itself—the Scrapyard Ship. With just a handful of pre-release readers so far, I’m encouraged by the responses:

“…Overall I think it was a very exciting, very original, very interesting Sci Fi book. “

“What a ride! “

“This first book would make a great summer show like Falling Skies, with a book for each season.  I thoroughly enjoyed your book and I can’t wait to read others in the series.”

But I need your help…   Amazon customer ebook reviews are HUGE for any author these days. And getting positive reviews (early on) can influence our sales tremendously. So if you like SciFi, and want to help out a new SciFi book series author… then please let me know if you are interested in being a pre-release reader/reviewer ASAP!

This is a full-length 70,000- word novel, the first in the Science Fiction adventure series for Scrapyard Ship. It’s an adventure and a great escape from everyday life. Fun reading for Adults, New Adults, and Teens (not so much a kid’s book).

Into SciFi?  Want to be a pre-release reviewer??? 

Contact me directly at: markwaynemcginnis (@) gmail.com
You can follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarkWMcGinnis


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