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The ‘New’ Interactive Novel

Those of you that have already plunged into my latest Syfy ebook, Ricket – Star Watch Book 2, you’ve undoubtedly noticed there’s something different going on. Right off the bat, I inform the reader that this book, for those that are reading on a web-enabled e-reader – or have access to a PC …  is […]

Ricket — Star Watch book 2

The next book in the Star Watch saga, Ricket, will go on sale in ebook form on amazon sometime today (October 19th, 2015). Both the print and the audiobook are in process and will follow shortly. This is the first of my books that incorporates interactive icons that allow the reader to pop back and forth […]

Is Star Watch a Series?

I’ve had several inquiries recently with readers wanting to know if Star Watch will be a continuing series or if it was just a one-off stand-alone book. It’s a series … working on the the second Star Watch book (early title is Find Ricket), now.

Star Watch Audiobook Live!

The brand new Star Watch Audiobook is now live on Audible. If you’re familiar with the Scrapyard Ship series audiobooks, you’ll be right at home with the voice of L. J. Ganser. If you’re like me, you actually prefer relaxing to an  audiobooks (at least sometimes) to a print book or ebook. You’ll find Star […]

Idea For A New Book … How it starts

How it starts … When the idea comes to you for a new book, it often arrives in bits and pieces. You’re struck by something—a visual—a sound… someone talking about something totally unrelated. But it’s more than that. It’s more like the introduction of something that has started to take shape and it’s the missing […]