The Great Space

great_space_cover_smThis 6th book in the Scrapyard Ship series is now available on This was a fun book to write … it took a little longer than the others being 80,000 words vs. the typical 70,000 words.

There’s a lot happening in this episode. The series is maturing and you’ll see dramatic changes in the status quo of the Earth / U.S.A. led Alliance and the Craing Empire.  While the Craing populace on the seven worlds revolt, the Great Space initiative continues. Jason must lead a team back to Terplin to deal with acting Craing Emperor, Ot-Mul, once and for all. As you’ll discover, this will be unimaginably difficult. The other aspect of this book takes place on Earth, which is finally attacked … but it’s not by the Craing directly — it’s molt weevils and they’re pretty disgusting. Nan and Mollie take the ride of their lives and it isn’t in a spaceship.

By the way, the new cover for The Great Space is another fantastic design by Eren Arik – I think it’s my favorite to day. The print and audiobook versions are in process – they take a little longer to get published.

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What’s next?

YES!  There will be another Tapped In book … coming soon

Mad Powers continues to grow in popularity. I’ve gotten more than a few email inquiries about the progress of the next book, Deadly Powers. This is terrific news not only for the story’s fans, but for me as well. I love the characters and the off-kilter espionage/paranormal storyline.  It’s a nice change from all the space SciFi I’ve written over the last year.

As of today, October 15th, 2014, I’ve written more than half of The Great Space and I’ve decided to go ahead and write two new novels, Deadly Powers (the sequel to Mad Powers, and another book that I first wrote as a screenplay for a movie, Ask Raymond – a SciFi thriller. Estimated release dates?

The Great Space … mid November (2014) timeframe.

Ask Raymond … late December / early January (2015) timeframe.

Next Scrapyard Ship Book (still un-titled) … Mid March / early April (2015) timeframe.

Deadly Powers … late May / early June (2015) timeframe.



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Craing Dominion Audiobook Now Available!

I’ve received more inquiries/update requests for this audiobook than any of my others in the past.

audiobookCD_thumb_audio_thumbL. J. Ganser does a great job as the ongoing voice for this series and he’s gone above and beyond in this latest book too.

Experiencing these books through the audiobook version and listening to all the voices, the performances, is like being right there on The Lilly — fighting the Craing!

The new  audiobook is available on now (search Craing dominion) and will be available on iTunes and within a day or two… if not already.  Enjoy!!!

Craing Dominion audiobook

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Craing Dominion – Scrapyard Ship Book # 5 – Available 09/13/14

Craing_Dominiaon_cover_amazonThe much anticipated 5th book in the Scrapyard Ship series, Craing Dominion, will be available on late Saturday, September 13th, 2014.

I took a few months to write Mad Powers in between scrapyard book 4 and book 5, so some of you are probably anxious to see what’s happened.  I must say, I love all of the scrapyard books I’ve written – they’re like offspring … you help create them, care for them, nurture them, and then you must send them of into the world to experience a life of their own… Anyone who has read the books has come to realize they are all very much different from one another. But I have to admit, this one is special – it’s a fun read.

And this fifth book is really different… It’s darker and the bad guys are really really bad. Some readers will be frustrated with the level of destruction/carnage going on – others will say, it’s about time!

No matter what, you will experience a book that is non-stop action, while still maintaining the wit and humor you’ve come to expect from the series.

I’d like to mention the outrageously great cover design by my creative artist friend Eren Arik – truly a master SciFi artist. Those that have wondered what a Craing heavy cruiser looks like – well here you go. The Lilly is there too and kicking ass, as always.

I hope you are enjoying reading the series as much as I am writing it. Please leave a  review on Amazon  – it really really helps.


Mark Wayne McGinnis

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Mad Powers Audio Book — Now Available

MAD_POWERS__audio_tnyThe audiobook versions of the Mad Powers (Tapped In Series Book 1) is now available on audible (and soon on iTunes and Amazon). Paul Heitsch did a remarkable job as the voice for the book.

Experiencing the Mad Powers book as well as all the Scrapyard Ship series through the audiobook versions and listening to all the voices, the performances, truly enhances the reading experience!

The new  audiobook is available on now (search Mad Powers) and will be available on iTunes and within a day or two… if not already.  Enjoy!!!

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Writer’s Idea Factory

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 3.59.14 PMWriters are certainly an odd bunch. I think that’s a good thing. The ability to repeatedly close oneself off from the world over prolonged periods of time on a particular writing project, for months even years without any guarantee that your work will have any kind of market success or monetary benefits—shows something about the person’s dedication to his or her craft.

I really enjoy talking to other writers/authors. A little over two months ago I started my own MeetUp group near Boulder, Colorado. I called it Writers Idea Factory. Free to local writers at any level who are looking to connect‚ not so much to have their work critiqued but to talk about the process itself. It’s evolved into a wonderful hour of sharing of ideas and brainstorming concepts.

I’ve had pretty good success with the five books I’ve self-published over the past year. Most have become amazon best-sellers in multiple categories. But I’ve made my share of mistakes and learned a lot about the e-book publishing process… what works what doesn’t. I hope sharing this information will provide a bit of rocket-fuel to those stuck, wondering if it’s all worth it. Take it from me, it is.

I look forward to my Tuesday afternoons when I meet with my fellow Writer’ Idea Factory cohorts. What a great bunch… each incredibly creative and talented in their own unique way.

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